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Redwood Canopy Tours at Mount Hermon

Redwood Canopy Tours at Mount Hermon
17 Conference Drive, Felton, CA 95018
Tel. 831.430.4357

Nestled within the towering redwoods of the Santa Cruz Mountains, Redwood Canopy Tours at Mount Hermon give Capitola’s adventurephiles a one-of-a-kind experience in the wild. The two-hour tour includes six ziplines (up to 440 feet long) and two sky bridges (suspended nearly 150 in the air), and is lead by certified guides whose ecological knowledge will make the redwood forest come to life.

Holy Cross Cemetery
Best place to take a nap for longevity - Metro Santa Cruz
As the days get longer and the nights get shorter, the need to nap grows greater. The solution: eat lunch at the Seventh Avenue liquor store (they have lovely, oversized sandwiches) and drive down Capitola Road Extension to Holy Cross Cemetery. You'll need a nap while the blood from your soul seeps to your stomach. Under the oak and cypress trees in the northeastern part of the graveyard is the grave of Justiniano Rohas, who lived to be 123 years old. Lie near his grave and be perfectly still. The important thing to remember is that this is a nap, not a sleep, lest it turn into a Dostoyevsky's Bobok nightmare. Or as one patron of the graveyard nap once told, "Sometimes it is easy to confuse your own snoring with the voices below." --Bruce Willey (Metro Santa Cruz, March 22, 2000)

Prospect Street in Capitola
Best place to see the sunrise over the ocean - Metro Santa Cruz
Sunsets have been the staple of travel brochures for decades now--all those garish colors fading into darkness, signaling the end of the day. Frankly, it is time to re-evaluate this nostalgia for the day's death and just go bravely into the night and the sunrise (our imminent sunset years aside). A sunrise is subtler. The light seems to be absorbed by its own portentous potency, delaying the day for just a moment longer. And after a long night of sleeping or not sleeping, the best place to see it is Prospect Street in Capitola. Seven deserted, dew-covered benches line cliffs facing due east and overlooking the ocean. Bring a compass to make sure you are still on the West Coast and an old Tom Waits tape: "The only time I saw the sunrise was when I stayed up all night." --Bruce Willey (Metro Santa Cruz, March 22, 2000)

Seascape Resort
A Four Diamond, All-Suites Luxury Resort

Inn at Depot Hill
Historic 4-Star Inn and Luxury Suites Green Directory
Become Ecologically Aware in Santa Cruz

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